DIY blackhead removers

DIY blackhead remover

My husband I tried out 3 different DIY blackhead removers to see if they actually would work. The three we tried are the following:

  • Elmer’s glue
  • Elmer’s glue with tissue
  • Coco Organics black magic face mask with added gelatin

Elmer’s glue


My husband got to test out the Elmer’s glue by itself. It took a while to dry. We did 2 layers, and applied it with the tip of the glue bottle. You will want to apply an even layer. I would suggest letting the first layer dry completely before adding a second.IMG_20170403_204029568

Once it was dry (mostly dry, my hubby was done waiting. It took a good 40 min and it was still a little wet on the uneven parts) we peeled it off. There wasn’t much on it. My husband thinks its because he has such a clean face. I think it just wasn’t able to hold on to anything. His nose did feel super smooth afterwards.

Elmers glue reveal


Coco Organics black magic face mask with added gelatinIMG_20170403_204059325

I tested out this one. I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I didn’t want to heat up the face mask as it has clay and charcoal in it and I didn’t want to dry it out. So I heated up 3-4 tsp of water to boiling and added about 1.5 tsp of gelatin( Caution if you are pregnant, this stuff stinks). I then added about 1 tsp of the face mask and mixed it. I waited about 5 -10 min before applying it because it was super hot. My husband put it on my nose and a little bit on my cheeks. IMG_20170403_204014489It took about as long as the glue to dry. This was quite uncomfortable to take off. I wouldn’t say it was painful though. This took off more then the Elmer’s glue, but not by much. My nose and cheeks were quite soft however. I think I am going to buy the charcoal face masks that you can get premixed, and see if they work any better.


black diy black head reveal

At this point my blackheads seemed a lot more pronounced on my nose, so I thought trying the Elmer’s glue with tissue to see if I could pull out any.

Elmer’s glue with tissue

So I quickly applied some Elmer’s glue to my nose, I immediately added a tissue and some more glue. Looking back I should have waited for the glue to dryjust a bit before adding the tissue and more glue. It took about 30 min for the outside to be dry, but unfortunately it was still wet underneath and there wasn’t a way for me to know. I pulled it of before it was completely dry and it failed miserably.  This is one I may have to repeat when it isn’t past my bedtime 😀 Click HERE to watch the experiment fail!
IMG_20170403_211700317 IMG_20170403_211704096 IMG_20170403_211721249 IMG_20170403_213237880









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