DIY Makeup Remover

Best news ever. I just made the holy grail of makeup removers! I  have had a love/hate relationship with makeup removers. I’ve tried many different brands. My go to ones were always Mary Kay and Victoria Secret. I just hated the price tag. I decided to try a more natural route and used coconut oil, as well as olive oil. I didn’t like the way they felt. It was way too oily. So I went back to store brand products. The other day I was perusing Pinterest when a suggested pin popped up on my feed. (Original recipe found here) It was a DIY makeup remover using only two ingredients.  Only 2!

Olive oil and witch hazel!

That is it. I buy my olive oil at Costco. I found a similar kind online. You can purchase it here. The witch hazel I chose to buy on amazon. I wanted one that was alcohol free. If you want to get the same kind just click here.

Now for the recipe:

DIY Make up Remover


2 oz  Witch Hazel (you can purchase here)

2 oz Olive oil ( you can purchase here)




Pour the ingredients into a container. I reused a bottle that I had on hand. Just make sure to clean it first.




Shake it up and you are good to go! I use cotton pads to wipe off my makeup. This even worked on my waterproof mascara without even trying hard! If I had a glass bottle I would have added lavender and frankincense essential oils. I will be doing that next time! One thing, just make sure you shake it before each use. Let me know how you like this DIY makeup remover!




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  1. Dri Marshall says:

    I am going to have to try that someday. Recently I have been using coconut oil or jojoba oil. It cleans and moisturizes at the same time, which I love since my skin is pretty dry.

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