No poo what?

You are probably asking what no poo is and why would I choose to name my blog that. If you did, your not the only one.

About a year ago, I saw posts on Pinterest about a procedure known as “no poo.” Of course my first thoughts regarding this practice had to do with a certain bodily function. And why wouldn’t they be? A pin labeled “no poo” had to mean only one thing. I admit, my curiosity was pricked. Not having to go the little girl’s room would be an intriguing prospect. Was this “no poo” thing a diet of sorts? A cleanse? I needed to find out. I clicked on the pin and read.
Upon reading the post, I discovered two things: 1. “no poo” had nothing to do with ridding your body of its most basic function, and 2. the truth about what “no poo” really meant was more intriguing than what I originally imagined. Clicking on the pin, I read up and discovered that “no poo” had nothing to do with being constipated. It seemed fascinating to me that you could wash your hair with something other than shampoo and conditioner. This concept kept picking my brain for about a month. I finally decided to try it out, my husband thought that I was crazy! For those of you who are saying “no poo what? What is she talking about?” (That’s what my husband said. He also thought it had to do with a certain bodily function, which I can assure you, it does not). Well, no poo is washing your hair with something other than shampoo, the most common wash option is with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I thought I did a lot of research on the subject and felt comfortable trying it out. Guess what! Hair is a science. Did you know that? I sure didn’t, and I am horrible at all things science and math. That’s why I married someone super smart, who excels in that kinda stuff.

First 6 weeks
This is the link that I found on Pinterest that got me started.
It has a lot of great info! There was another one that I also looked at but can’t find anymore. The first week I started doing it I used a paste method with the baking soda (which I strongly suggest NOT doing, It will damage your hair. That info was on the other blog). As I did more research I realized that it was a big NO NO, and stopped doing that and did about 1-2 TBS baking soda to 1 cup water. I also used a couple different essential oils, like rosemary, lavender, sandalwood, and geranium. My goal was to help promote healthier hair, and hair growth.
There is a transition period. And the length of it depends on each person and their body. Mine was about 6 weeks. My hair got really waxy at my scalp and super dry at the ends. I was getting frustrated and almost gave up when I found this site
I have hard water, so I tried her method and boiled my water added my oils and it worked amazing! My transition was almost completely gone. My hair was still dry at the ends though.

3 months later and beyond

I continued doing no poo for a few more months when I decided that my hair type and lifestyle wouldn’t work with the baking soda method. I still highlight my hair, and so I know that was a big factor in my dry hair. So I switched to low poo. I currently use Shea Moisture. I LOVE it!

There is a great facebook group that I found that has amazing support and files on all no-poo and low poo options.
I am going to eventually try a different no poo option and see if I can get my hair clean and happy using natural products! I loved trying this new way of life, and this blog is the fruits of that experiment. It put me on an adventurous path of trying new health trends, and seeing if they truly work! So stay tuned for future experiments!