Sugar Wax

Hmmmm… What to say about waxing?  Personally, I don’t feel the need for it. Maybe (occasionally) on my eyebrows.  For this post, I tried making my own homemade sugar wax.  I used a few different recipes.  You can check out our Sugar Waxing pinterest board for the recipes I attempted.  I was very disappointed by the experience I had.  Maybe they were just poor recipes?  Regardless, after many tries I still wasn’t happy.  It was very frustrating having to try over and over again, and then when I  actually put the wax on my skin, it was hot and it hurts!!!  I am obviously not one to regularly wax, because it took me 30 minutes on one leg and I wasn’t seeing much success.  3 weeks later, I have hair growing back in and lots of scabs from my massacred pores.

At the moment, I don’t recommend sugar waxing.  Stay tuned for when I try it again! Please leave any helpful comments below!

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