Who are we?

2015-12392-83Hi! My name is Brittany! I am a wife to the most attractive man in the world, and mom to 4 crazy kids ( 3 boys, 1 girl).  I have been on a slow journey to improving my families health in all aspects. For the first part of my marriage I didn’t really care about eating healthy, or using natural products. Since I have had kids, I have been on a life changing expedition to improve our lifestyle. I have a love of helping others, and trying new things!

This blog is my new adventure, and one of my amazing sister’s in law is helping me with it! I am pleased to introduce you to Kaydee.


Hey! I’m Kaydee! I am super excited to start sharing our natural and healthy lifestyle with everyone! After having my daughter a year ago, I became aware of the many things I had in my house that could potentially become harmful if my baby got a hold of them.  In order to truly baby proof a house, it has to become a lifestyle for those living in the house…. Always put down the toilet seat, close the door behind you, sweep multiple times a day, don’t leave the chairs pushed away from the table…. I also noticed that I needed to be careful with what I was using to clean my bathroom with, what I washed my clothes with, and where I kept all of those items.  I am very into having a stocked up food storage and emergency supply, so another concern was where I should safely keep my supply of every item.  If I only store natural ingredients, I can make whatever I need and not have every item locked away in a super secret place! Thus, our natural and healthy lifestyle adventure began.  We are far from where we want to be, but we are learning!





10930119_10155726883955203_2122516330580306245_nHi! I’m Kristina—a huge advocate of nutrition, fun physical activity, and families. I started a family of my own when I married my best friend in 2012; he is the most kind-hearted, beautiful soul on the planet. I think I’ll keep him. 😉 My husband and I recently relocated to Cleveland and have high hopes for the future as he is in podiatry school. One struggle for our family has been my living with an unidentified autoimmune disease that causes severe pain and chronic fatigue. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that natural living can make a world of difference for a chronic illness, along with balance and mindfulness. My biggest pet peeve is America’s constant need to add sugar into EVERYTHING (bread, sauce, supplements, etc.) or even worse, artificial sweeteners. My focus is on healing through delicious, healthy foods, including naturally sweetened treats!